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Work at IFSYS and EMSO


Work with a sense of US at IFSYS

IFSYS and EMSO are medium-sized companies active in the field of feeding systems and customised machine construction. The basis for our success comprises the know-how of our employees, as well as their commitment and experience. In order to realise long-term growth we therefore require qualified and high-performing employees and managers. Whether a trainee, student, entry-level applicant or professional - shape the future with us.

Welcome to the team!


There are many good reasons.

In addition to our reliable products, our customers value our technical expertise in particular. The knowledge and skills of our employees, as well as initiative, creativity and team spirit, are what make the difference.

In addition to “training on the job”, we specifically foster technical and personal skills. We explicitly encourage personal responsibility, utilisation of existing design leeway and the introduction of own ideas.

We offer secure jobs and professional development, with challenges and opportunities. We provide feedback on performance and the quality of work, and we promote trusting cooperation.

Attractive employers

IFSYS and EMSO offer diverse job opportunities and professional prospects, that are oriented towards the skills and interests of the individual. Anyone who has a love of technology and demonstrates lateral thinking from time to time, and who is motivated to cooperate on technical solutions for renowned customers, is in the right place with us.

We support the realisation of professional goals, be it through internal development or in conjunction with external further training. Due to our continuous growth, it is a declared objective of ours to retain our skilled and dedicated employees on a long-term basis. We place great value on employee satisfaction.

Qualified employees also have the opportunity of working abroad on a temporary basis for the JOPP Group, depending on roles and requirements.



Company culture

Our culture is characterised by an open and creative working atmosphere, level hierarchies, as well as short communication and decision-making routes. With this, IFSYS and EMSO differ greatly from large organisations. We maintain a positive “hands-on” mentality, based on appreciation and trust. We also promote the conviction that challenging goals can only be achieved together.

Location and quality of life

In addition to a safe workplace, we also have rather more to offer: An appealing and conveniently situated region, reasonable cost of living and affordable living space. Additionally, a wealth of interesting sport, culture and leisure activities and facilities. An attractive place for specialist and management personnel and their families to live, in terms of work/life balance and quality of life.

IFSYS supports the development of a football centre of excellence by TSV Großbardorf e. V. at its place of residence through social sponsoring. The significance of this "Grabfeld-Gallie" project extends beyond the sporting purpose and encompasses the promotion of young people, nurturing and education, as well as regional development within Main/Rhön/Grabfeld.