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Components and Accessoires

for IFSYS feeding technology

Our IFSYS offer is rounded off with suitable components and ideal Accessories: We offer upstream technology such as disentangling systems or bunker belts as well as downstream provisioning solutions of any kind.



  • Variable for all cycle times, component sizes and storage volumes
  • Reproducibility of the orientation elements
  • Complete or segmental exchange and adjustability of sorting rails
  • Maximum part protection thanks to minimal drop heights
  • Consistent sorting rail technology prevents tilting
  • Vibration in the low frequency range

The Vibroliner® has been at the heart of the innovative strength of IFSYS since it was founded. Thanks to the good scalability and the diverse integration options, the Vibroliner® technology in combination with other feed systems forms the basis for optimum quality and reliability.

The advantages of the IFSYS systems compared to other systems quickly become apparent. High feeding capacities with low noise emission are just as feasible as flexible applicability due to compact dimensions and exchangeable components. In addition, maximum part protection is achieved and the susceptibility to failure is reduced.

Step feeder

  • Proven and robust feeding technology
  • Due to the design, dirt is ejected
  • Enables the feeding of large and complicated sorted parts
  • High feeding capacity with low noise level
  • Variable discharge height with constant ergonomic filling height

The step feeder is one of the most used feeding systems and is mainly used for pre-sorting and metered feeding of IFSYS vibroliners.

IFSYS step feeder, just like our other feeding systems, are characterized by their well thought-out design, optimum feeding performance and high reliability. Gentle handling of the conveyed parts and the lowest possible noise level are just as much a focus as meeting special requirements.

Upstream technology

  • Manually actuated tilting discharge
  • Electromechanical tilting system
  • Hopper with rapid discharge
  • Storage conveyor with rapid discharge
  • Loading and unloading systems
  • Unravelling systems
  • Loading and unloading systems
  • Unravelling systems

Downstream technology

  • Single track delivery with part testing
  • Multi-track delivery
  • Handling
  • Rotary indexing testing
  • Blowing and compactor technology
  • Camera and identification systems
  • Engineering, software development and switchgear construction
  • Linear conveyor variants
  • Noise protection systems

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