Feeding technology & automation

We are IFSYS

We don't just say that, we stand behind these words. Our self-image combines the highest technical know-how with the charm of a medium-sized company. Everyone knows everyone here - and that's how we work. Hand in hand to achieve the best possible result as quickly as possible - we rely on the people at IFSYS for your satisfaction.

We are there. For human and machine.

  • 2006: Foundation by the managing directors Adelbert Demar and Rigobert Zehner
  • 2010: JOPP Holding GmbH joins as majority owner
  • 2012: Construction of a production hall with 3,000 m² of production area
  • 2013/2014: Established offices in the United States and China, expansion of the production are by 850 m²
  • 2016: Takeover of ELKCOM: new company name EMSO GmbH, award from the Bavarian Ministry of economy: "BayernsBest50"
  • 2017: Expansion of the office space by 400 m²
  • 2018: Expansion of the production hall by another 1,000 m²
  • 2019: Another award: "BayernsBest50"
  • Company head office in Rattelsdorf Bavaria, Germany
  • Development and production of special solutions for production and assembly
  • Overhaul and optimisation of existing plants
  • Customers in various industries and sectors
  • Competitiveness through cost/benefit-optimum solutions
  • Global network via the Logo JOPP Holding Group


Adelbert Demar

Business divisions:
Production, material management and organisation

Rigobert Zehner

Business divisions:
Design, order management and sales

Values and responsibility

Responsible actions and constant customer focus together ensure the further development of the products and production processes for the continuity and stability of company development. Efficiency, growth and powers of innovation are achieved through mutual performance and the efficient cooperation of all employees. We communicate openly with customers, employees and business partners, we are reliable and we establish long and fair relationships.

We offer our customers technically high quality, requirement-oriented and innovative solutions. Further advantages are our flexibility and punctuality, as well as the lean management and level structures of a medium-sized company. Customers can depend on reliable core processes, technical expertise and competent service.

The company management operates on the basis of mutually formulated and practised management principles. Further elements of our corporate responsibility include a safe working environment, personal health and the protection of our environment. A code of conduct regulates compliance with regulations and laws. We are certified in quality management in accordance with DIN ISO 9001 and 14001.



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