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Screwing systems

Screw and screwdriver come together

The efficiency of a screwing system is largely dependent on the timing and the precision of the material supply. In case of fully and partially automated processes, IFSYS feeding systems ensure the workflow in industrial production operations by transferring screws to the screwing units in the required orientation and quantity.

Many years of experience in the development of feeding systems for springs, sleeves, castings and other parts flows into our new solution for screw driving tasks. The systems operate with fan or compressed air and can be individually integrated into the user´s machine environment. Vacuum technology is often the best choice for hard to reach or sunken screw locations.


IFSYS-solutions for screw driving systems


  • Feeding systems: There´s more than one way to the screwdriver
  • Blowing: With compressed air, it´s strong and precise; gentle air flow with fan
  • Screw driving units: Customer quote: “Easy maintenance and quick tool change, please”.
  • Catching and delivery systems: In the end, the screw has to go to the workpiece
  • Technical cleanliness: High quality and long service life through clean feed parts
  • Accessories: Your screw driving system does exactly what you expect it to do
  • Cost effective KEKS: small, efficient, cost effective, standardized

Feeding Systems


There´s more than one way to the screwdriver

IFSYS feeders are suitable for a wide range of screws – in size and type. This enables you, to get even the smallest special screws on the right track. For example sealing plugs with a large collar, coated screws, countersunk screws or versions with studs. An automated check of parts with regard to geometry, surface or other parameters can be integrated.

You have almost unlimited upward possibilities in terms of screw size. Screws up to M12 x 250 mm are standard. Further solutions, we will find together with our customers.

IFSYS feeders are also suitable for the gentle handling of aluminum screws. The portfolio also includes individual catch and transfer units for nuts, threaded plugs and cup plugs.

Little noise about material: the storage containers are extremely large and at the same time designed to keep noise emissions low.

IFSYS Feeding Systems for screw driving applications

  • … for small special screws: e.g. sealing plugs with large collar, coated screws, countersunk screws, screws with stud bolts
  • … for large screws: up to M12 x 250 mm and beyond
  • … for nuts, threaded plugs, cup plugs: with individual catch and transfer units
  • … for more efficiency: large storage with low noise emission
  • … for aluminum screws: gentle feeding
  • … for economical solutions: feeders with bowl feeder
  • … for error-free results: camera use for length, threat and coating inspection



With compressed air it´s strong and precise; gentle airflow with fan

The screw must be taken to the assembly position, where a human or robot receives it and initiates the next process step. The assembly position is often difficult to access or far away – then screws, nuts, pins and other assembly parts are blown. There are two methods of doing this: blowing with compressed air or with a fan.

Blowing with compressed air: The oriented screw is blown with compressed air via a hose to the screwing position. Either the compressed air comes directly from the pipe network in the assembly hall or from local compressed air storage. This method is particularly in common use when the feed hoses are rather short (up to 10 meters) and have a maximum diameter of 15 millimeters. Even for short time intervals, blowing with compressed air is often the preferred method. Multiple feeds with up to four feed tracks are still useful.

Blowing with fan: Using this method the feeding part gets transferred to the screwing position by an even flow of air. It is generated by a side channel fan in the hose. The flow  transports the screw gently to the screw driving system. This method often proves its worth, when using hoses with large cross-sections, great lengths and special shaped hoses.

Compressed air or fan: Numerous factors are important to select the right blow feed  technology. The fan generally consumes less energy. But in individual cases it can be different. Also the rule of thumb “fan for the long hose and compressed air for the short one” does not automatically strike home. Therefore, we ask you to discuss the specific key data with our consultants. We would be happy to prepare an economic analysis for you, and answer the question:  Compressed air or fan?

Driving systems


Customer quote: “Easy maintenance and quick tool change, please”.

IFSYS screw driving units are suitable for all screw driving positions in stationary and robot-guided applications. We use our screw units also on automatic and manually guided handling systems as well as on rope balancers.

Our Program includes versions with magnetic sockets/nuts. Vacuum technology is recommended for recessed screw locations. The screw is held securely in the socket or on the bit with a vacuum sleeve using vacuum suction, even outside the mouthpiece. For battery assembly, IFSYS has developed specialized screw units with galvanic isolation and insulated socket/nut or bit holders.

When selecting the drive technology, we are guided by the customer´s specifications. IFSYS works together with leading brands. If you ask system builders what they attach great importance, always two keywords come up: easy maintenance and quick tool changes. We take this to heart. You can also see this by the swiveling feeding channel and the hose connection with quick-release coupling.

IFSYS Screwdriver unit


  • Hose sensor: for a higher feeding rate
  • Shaft coupling: for quick tool changes
  • Hose coupling: for easy maintenance
  • Preloading: for higher feeding performance
  • Direct swiveling: for reduced cycle times
  • Individually shaped jaws: for adapting to individual screw types

IFSYS Screw Units


  • Stroke lengths, mounting position, sensors – individually according to customer requirements
  • Drive technology from leading brands according to customer requirements
  • Mouthpieces in 2- and 3-jaw design, 360 degrees rotatable
  • Vacuum technology for recessed screw locations
  • Easy maintenance and quick tool change
  • Hose connection with quick release coupling
  • Bearing guided screwdriver shaft with quick release

Catching and part presentation systems


In the end, the screw has to go to the workpiece

At the end of the feed system, a robot-guided screwing unit or a stationary assembly unit takes over the screw or nut. IFSYS designs and manufactures the required capture and deployment systems individually according to the customer´s requirements.

Such systems achieve a particularly high level of efficiency, when the feed system directly blows the screws to the screwing unit at the robot. With this system design, it should be noted that the robot´s freedom of movement is restricted. The robot arm gains more clearance, when it picks up the screws from a stationary receiver unit. Another possibility is that the catching unit itself is equipped with the screwdriver and the robotic arm brings the workpiece there.

IFSYS also develops and builds innovative systems for other setting and press-in processes. This includes: Screw driving systems for studs, press-in units for cup plugs, screw driving systems for plugs, press-in units for pins, rivets and blind rivets, placing units for clips.

Technical cleanliness


High quality and long service life through clean feed parts

There are two ways to achieve technical cleanliness. The best is to avoid contamination in the first place. If that´s not possible, a second method comes into play: removing the dirt. In both cases, the goal is to keep the residual dirt at mimimum throughout the entire system environment, including the feed parts, workpiece, sensors and screwdrivers.

Avoid contamination: Abrasion particles can impair the feeding process or even seriously disrupt it. Therefore we have designed our Vibroliner® step feeder to be gentle on the screws and other small parts. This prevents abrasion with the consequence that the surface coating remains where it belongs, on the conveyed parts.

Eliminate contamination: Despite all attention and care when designing the system, it is usually impossible to avoid abrasive particles. Preferably remove them at defined points in the feed system. Otherwise, they could disrupt the process or contaminate the mouthpieces in the screwdriver units. To prevent this, there are two options: suction or ejection. If the screws are blown, the installation of dirt removal systems are recommended. They prevent the particles from being widely distributed in the system.



Your screw driving system does exactly, what you expect it to do

Design the machine that it “fits”. Equip the system with features for reliable operation. Replace wearing parts at the right time. – IFSYS keeps a wide range of accessories and spare parts available at short notice. Example below:

  • Hoses: Round profile (up to 50 meters in one piece), rectangular profile and special shaped hoses (up to 20 meters)
  • Channels manufactured in-house: Where the hose reaches its limit, we build sealed channels for the safe transport of screws
  • Tube sensors with pulse extension: For status signals such as “nut/bit engaged” or “parts in mouthpiece”
  • Switches: For changing from a single feed medium (hose/track) to two – or for joining two hoses/tracks on a screwing unit (Y-switch)
  • Clamping cylinder: They prevent permanent “spinning” of the screw at the spindle pick up position and ensure that the socket/nut or bit locks in place
  • NOK-screw removal from magnetic socket/nuts: If a screwing process was not completed properly, the screws are stripped off when the robot arm moves to its home position
  • Center-to-center adjustment: For stationary and robot-guided screwdriver units
  • Shimable-Systems: For multiple transfers where several screws are picked up simultaneously at the part presentation systems

Cost effective KEKS


small, efficient, cost effective, standardized

IFSYS is specialized in building complete and complex systems according to customer requirements. In some cases a standard solution compared to a custom solution will be  more cost-effective.

Look at KEKS!

It is a standardized screw feeding system, which separates screws and blows them with compressed air via a round hose. KEKS is suitable for screws up to size M6 x 35 mm.

The screw feeder is installed completely pneumatically and electrically on a ProfiNet-Interface. Despite all standardization, additional options are available. KEKS can be equipped with its own control system on request. Additional hopper belts expand the storage volume, and with a hose switch, two to four blow feed hoses are also possible.

Why so much effort, when it can be done efficiently with our standardized KEKS? With IFSYS the choice is yours.

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More information

Would you like to know more? For further information on our feeding systems or feeding modules, we kindly refer to the specific product descriptions.

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