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Clean work

Does your customer have cleanliness requirements that you cannot meet? Via our subsidiary EMSO, we assemble in our own 10 x 5 meter ISO 6 clean room (expandable to ISO 5) according to ISO 14644-1. Customer-certified cleanliness, defined process chains and trained specialists are our keys to your project's success.


Cleaning of parts


Individual parts only find their way into the clean room after a standardized process and appropriate pre-treatment. Depending on their size, the parts are de-oiled and degreased before they reach one of our two material locks. This is where cleaning processes and parts inspection follow. Our trained staff and our clearly defined processes are guarantors for the lowest possible entry of particles into the clean room - and thus for your best possible assembly result.

Parts inspection


Trust is good, control is better: With our component inspection under UV light, we leave nothing to chance even after parts cleaning. For your cleanliness requirements, we repeat our cleaning cycle until the perfect result is achieved and document this with pictures.




Working in the clean room


Our specially trained personnel are optimally prepared for working in the clean room. The assemblies are planned in detail and run according to precise procedural descriptions. Among other things, walking distances and the use of parts are kept to a minimum in order to keep the risk of contamination as low as possible. Our chip-secured personnel airlock ensures strict separation of the clean room from the conventional assembly area.

CAD in the clean room


We work paperless in the clean room. Full CAD access via remote ensures a smooth and loss-free exchange of information between the staff inside and outside the clean room during work. Electronic access to all project-relevant information speeds up the assembly process and eliminates the need for printouts.

More information

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More about the cleanroom at our subsidiary EMSO.