Company    Code of conduct

Code of conduct

IFSYS operates according to a code of conduct that requires all employees to act in accordance with minimum ethical standards based on the UN Global Compact.

IFSYS demands the same from its suppliers and business partners.

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Notices of violations of laws, policies and other rules can be reported HERE at any time.

Information on data protection in compliance notices can be found HERE.

Principles of Quality

Quality management requires a structured pursuit of orporate goals. The permanent control of quality is a declared goal of our company and results from clear processes and procedures.

Basic values such as honesty, transparency, trust, respect and courage are practiced by us.
We achieve sustainable corporate success by weighing up opportunities and risks, and by coordinating our economic, social, ecological and quality-related goals.

Certificate: ISO9001

Sustainability and Environment

Preserving our natural environment and the livelihoods of future generations, job security and continuous improvement of working conditions are particular concern to us. The associated goals are realized together with all employees.

We understand sustainability to mean responsible, entrepreneurial action. We support the protection of the environment and ensure that the environmental impact is kept as low as possible.

We are convinced that entrepreneurial mentality and actions are closely linked to social responsibility. Ethical business principles and social responsibility are integrated into our business practices. We support activities that contribute to the common good of society.

Certificate: ISO14001

Occupational safety and health protection

In occupational safety, IFSYS has always worked according to recognized standards, which is why we have a consistently below-average number of occupational accidents. Safety specialists, safety officers and managers train employees in how to deal with hazards. Trained first aiders are available for medical emergencies. Fire protection and factory security also play an important role in averting hazards.