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Flexible supply of parts with a vibration system

PICKNICK is a flexible parts supply with a vibration system based on a conveyor belt or a hard plastic tray. The PICKNICK vibrations system distributes, rotates or turns the products in the detection range of the vision system.
For PICKNICK with backlighting, the vibratory tray is mostly the vibratory tray the ideal solution. For PICKNICK with vibro belt, incident light with monochrome or color cameras is used.

It is possible to get our flexible feeding system, additional with stocking system, with camera system and with robots of all brands (also collaborative) supplied by IFSYS. The electrical version can be supplied unmitted, installed on Profinet interface op optionally offerd with control system.


Flexible feeding technology - a complete solution for almost all parts

  • Suitable for almost all parts geometries
  • Intensity of the vibration variably adjustable
  • electromotor driven
  • Quick emptying possible
  • Consultation freely selectable
  • Optional dirt ejection
  • Adaptable to the application and local conditions
  • Suitable for industrial use, robust design
  • Expandable with various modules

PICKNICK with Vibrobelt


  • designed for heavy parts
  • different belt types possible


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PICKNICK with Vibrotray


  • different tray designs possible
  • different surfaces of the sorting part support possible by quick change of the tray bottom

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IFSYS, your specialist for flexible feeding technology


PICKNICK is our answer for tasks with variable feeding tasks

  • Easy and fast changeover and product change, for high flexibility

  • Suitable for all part geometries, due to the neutral machine design

  • Precise detection of parts, based on needs-related camera technology

  • Gentle on parts, as only the sorted parts that are currently being processed are in motion

  • Compact contruction, enables use at various points in your production line

  • Coodinated alignment, due to structured base 

  • Low maintenance, because there are hardly any movable system parts

  • User-friendly, optimal accessibility is guaranteed everywhere



PICKNICK with Vibrobelt or Vibrotray

Aus der Praxis

  • various belt- and traydesigns

  • low wear of parts

  • purely electrical drive

  • suitable for almost all cobots and robots

  • universal for any sorting parts

  • changeover to other sorting parts possible only by software

  • flexible lobation

  • driven by simple, proven technology

  • flip-speed individually adjustable and changeable

  • different belt colors for better contrast

  • Camera with mono or 3D technology

  • dirt collection tray

Flexible feeding technology from IFSYS - comparable to BinPicking


Your complete solution for almost all parts

Flexible feeding solutions are a good solution, especially for applications with frequently changing parts geometries. By cooperation of robot, feeding system and integrated image processing, many different parts can also be sorted, aligned and fed even in small batch sizes. Feeding flexibility of the supply can be increased by providing different sorted parts to the robot at the same time using several PICKNICK systems.

Small and delicate parts: If precision and skill are required during feeding, PICKNICK with Vibrotray is the ideal solution. The backlight enables small and filigree contours. 

Large and heavy parts: PICKNICK with Vibrobelt is flexibly adaptable to different feed parts and can also detect and separate heavier asymmetrical parts. 



Discuss your idea with us and we will find a solution together.

Before placing an order for the construction of a machine, it is often useful to create a feasibility study. Especially if a process development is pending, preliminary tests are made or sample parts have to be manufactured.
The test workshop at IFSYS is specialized in feasibility studies, test reports or simple tests in advance. If desired, a prototype can be drawn and built.

If we have sample oarts or drawings, we can make specific statements for your production. 

We look forward to your inquiry